If not now, when

I struggle with motivation and procrastination. Even when I know I will enjoy a task or a project, I still struggle to get started.

My mind always calculates exactly what I will miss out on in life if I start a task. It could be small like I won't have as much time to relax, or more confronting if I take on this project for love and not money, I will not have much money.

A friend recently suggested I print out a picture of something to remind me of why I am making the creative project decisions I am making. Sure they bring in less money but the pay off is that they're projects that are worth it in life.

So what would this picture be? A quote or a phrase, an image of someone who's career I admire? I started thinking about a quote I see on Pinterest all the time If not now, when That could be it I guess.

But on a recent episode of Scriptnotes one of the guys stated You can't go back

For me it's a stronger version of if not now when, because it has a reflective finality to it. It makes me think about how next week, in a year or five years I may look back at today and regret not doing more. Maybe I simply respond better to guilt than optimism?

And then there is this from Ricky Gervais via Swiss Miss:

“You should bring something into the world that wasn’t in the world before. It doesn’t matter what that is... You should do something, then sit back and say, “I did that.’”

I did that. It's always nice to say that. Maybe that should be my reminder and my motivation.


Do you have a phrase or an image?


Mirror above by Doug Aitkin


  1. i like this post. i need to think of a good motivating phrase...

    that should do it.

    1. I will not accept name calling! Be nice to yourself :)