Last year, one of the best things to ever happened to Sydney happened... Costco arrived.

For my north American readers, please understand that Australian's don't do membership-buy-in-bulk stores. We just don't. Culturally, pre-planning in bulk doesn't suit our lifestyle, even though driving to the suburbs to save money does. However, despite my Australian-ness, to me Costco has been amazing. Amazing. Even more so for the 16 year old girl inside of me who first went to a Sam's Club to eat dinner on an exchange trip... it's a dream come true.

The fact that I can now buy reasonably priced maple syrup,  hard-to-find peanut butter cups and bulk frozen blueberries seems miraculous.... okay I'm getting carried away. But I have to tell you it makes my heart sing every time we go there. It's like a little bit of America in my life :D

But this story is not all happy, though it may end that way. 6 months into its life Sydney Costco did the unthinkable... it stopped selling pumpkin pies. Yes, those $7.99 pumpkin pies that we only ever ate half of because they are so dang big. Stopped. Gone. Nada.

With each return visit I've hopefully scanned the bakery section with all its fluoro frosted cupcakes and average apple pies.... no luck... no pumpkin pie here.

Until Saturday. THEY'RE BACK. I don't know or care how, but there was pie! Hallelujah!

But really, I'm on a pre-holiday diet and exercise attempt. I'm not meant to eat pie. My husband suggested we don't buy it because we'll eat it. No! I said, we must buy it. We must communicate to the Costco overlords with our purchasing power. Even if we throw it out, we must buy it. It's all about sales. They must know we want the pie to stay. He caved.

And now I have pie. Though I am ready to get rid of it. While delicious, it's just too tempting. I mean, in 3 weeks I am going to be here. Pie can wait til Christmas, or at least it better.