Music for whatever... I'm so tired who cares...

I'm so overworked and so tired, and when I get like this, even when I have a MOUNTAIN of work to do in close to zero time (but really thats like 5 days, when you really need 10, not exaggerating and deadline are not moveable because you're leaving the country.....

where was I?

Yes. I ramble. Like this. And I listen to a single lonesome song on repeat. It keeps me going, the momentum or something. It helps me get the work done.

This week it has been a song by my favourite Suzy Krause look-a-like: Taylor Swift.

We are never ever ever getting back together is actually so fun to sing along to when you're still working at 1am, for the third day in a row. And then again at 1pm.

On a more designery note, 
this music video does remind me of two much better music videos:

Bjork's Bachelorette:

And Let Forever Be by the Chemical Brothers.

Both Michel Gondry classics.

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