On being defensive

As we get older, I'd like to think we get better at saying no. The no's that exist in life... No, I won't drive 4 hours out of my way for you. No, I won't do this ridiculous task at the very last minute because you weren't organised. No, I won't go on your super expensive hen's party weekend. I feel like I learned this from Oprah in my teens, but my memory is fuzzy.

I'm now learning the power of no with my own creative projects. No, sit down and work now. No, don't start that project until you finish this one. No, you can't watch the Kardashians you have to write. I have to create boundaries for myself and stick to them if I am ever going to be successful at making the things I want to make.

While saying no all the time could create a negative brain space, it is easy to switch the focus to what the no will give you. Ask yourself by saying no what will I achieve? The answer to that is hopefully so grand that the next question won't scare you:

what are you willing to give up in order to have 
what you really really want? 

Writer Elizabeth Gilbert talks about asking this question in this interview. She likens it to being her own bodyguard and as creative people that's what we need to be. Defending your work process from yourself and the world isn't so much about the negative, nagging no but about honouring your gifts and talents. If you don't create boundaries you simply won't get any creative work done.

Have a great (creative) weekend.

First image by unknown. Second image by Josh Olins in Dazed & Confused 2008.


  1. Anonymous5:48 PM

    great post. and thanks for the link. didn't like eat, pray, love, but I like what else she has to say.

    a creative weekend to you, too

    1. I've never read Eat Pray Love and only managed half the movie but I've read a few interviews with her and appreciate how objective she is in viewing her creative processes. Smart lady.

  2. My first visit to your site, found you off of Mint. Just wanted to stop by and say hi. Love the overall look and feel of your blog and I will be sure to come back again.

    Come by and say hi some time at www.19rivoli.com



  3. "No, don't start that project until you finish this one." Can totally relate to that Brigitta. It's the only way I can get anything done these days!
    Ronnie xo