Guilt-free creativity

The other day, I spent a fair amount of time on the site 99U. It's the sort of creative thinking site where I can spend an hour feeling like I'm researching when really I'm just procrastinating. The article Guilt-Free Creativity: Stop Kicking Yourself & Start Producing by Elizabeth Grace Saunders really grabbed me. Was she writing just to me!?

We've all been there: You finally carve out the time to work on a big creative project and then you... choke. 
After counting on this break to really produce something, you're suddenly paralyzed by performance anxiety. 
But instead of showing up as fear on the surface, it manifests itself as guilt. If you don't proceed with caution, you can soon fritter away your creative fortune on nickel and dime activities.

Elizabeth goes on to list three challenges (and their solutions) that I'm currently facing:
  1. Guilt That You Have More Time Than Others
  2. Guilt That You're Not Making Money
  3. Guilt That You Are Progressing Too Slowly

I highly recommend the article even if you think this doesn't apply to you right now. I finished it comforted I wasn't alone but also armed with ways to knock back any creeping guilt.

Are you ever inclined to feel this way? Leave a comment if so.

These stunning photographs are by Magdalena Lutek of Nishe Photography. Found via Booooom.


  1. Anonymous5:52 PM

    sounds interesting. I will head over there right now :)