The Other Woman

If you have watched the latest season of Mad Men then you might be interested in this discussion on The Daily Beast about the episode titled The Other Woman. (A three word non-spoilery reminder of the episode would be to say: Joan, Jaguar, partners.)

Show creator Matthew Weiner and star Christina Hendricks offer an oral history of the heartbreaking, Emmy-nominated Joan episode, the first of a two-part conversation. 

Hendricks: There were very few options for women at this time at work. As a single mother, how do you rise at work? How do you make more money? How do you support your family? Luckily, we have a lot more options these days. It’s not fair to compare the situation to 2012, but people can’t help it because that’s where we live, and that’s what we do, and that’s who we are. We get emotional, thinking, “I would never do that. I can’t believe it.” Well, you would never do it now.

If you've seen it, what are your thoughts on the episode. I will reply with mine. I'd like to keep the post spoiler free if that's okay!

Full article here.


  1. Anonymous9:06 PM

    I've not seen the episode but just read the article. yeah, you would never do it now... I'm currently travelling through SE Asia, and a lot of women are doing it. now. and it's hard to condemn them. it's a different world. what other options do they have? I have different thoughts on the men that come to take advantage of these women. but that's heard to condemn too.

    it's so easy to judge, so much harder to at least let be if you can't understand at all...

    1. yes, it is so easy to judge.

      I don't have a solid 'yes, she was right' or 'no, she was wrong' point of view on it as I feel like I can't go there - I can't judge and I actually have a lot of restraint in my thinking about the whole situation in the episode.

      I think the look on Don's face when he realises she did it (sorry, I know you havent seen it) is the perfect mix of shock and disappointment. He was the only one to fight for her not to do it. But I don't think he was judged her negatively for it.