I really want to get my hands on this book that I found in the archives of the brilliant graphic design blog September Industry.

As the title implies, Graphic Design for Fashion opens the door to the world of graphic design for fashion bringing together a well-curated selection of contemporary work, accompanied by interviews in which the studios reveal something of their process for expressing themselves creatively and exclusive insights into the projects themselves.


Frank Chimero, designer and design writer has a library section on his site that's made me realise I haven't read a proper design book in over 4 years. For writers he recommends Anne Lamott's Bird by Bird which also I recommend to every writer I meet. So based on that, I can presume the other recommendations are top notch.


And as I wrote the tittle of this post, I remembered the web platform book.ish that has some incredible branding and a great logo to boot.


Do you have any great design or writing books you could recommend to me? Better still, how many on Frank Chimeros list have you read? My score is a measly 4.

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