Why I create

Given that the primary topic of this blog is often film, and that I've spoken specifically about the movie, I feel it would be remiss of me to not touch on the tragedy of Aurora.

Of the act itself I have nothing to add. I'll show my respect, sadness and sympathies by not dissecting the event as the media has done. Rather I'll use this as an opportunity to mention the why. Why we create movies, stories, videos, posters, art and so on.

On Sunday, a friend who had seen The Dark Knight Rises (after the shooting) said that she watched it in a state of 'ick'. She was grossed out by the film because it was as if the shooting had amplified the grossness of the violence on screen. I haven't seen it so I cannot comment on if this would be true for me but what she said next really struck me, she said:

"Why do we make these things? Why do we create horror
and violence and then feed it to ourselves?"

I couldn't answer straight away because it really struck a chord. In fact I can't even answer right now. So I'll just leave that thought here for a day or two. Feel free to add a comment to help me think it through. x


  1. Yeah I haven't watched it yet for the ick factor. I don't know why the line for me has been well and truly crossed in film making

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    1. what do you mean by your last sentence???