Make Lionel Bigger

A former collegeague of mine, Dave Glass (affectionately known as Dangerous Dave) has embarked on a crazy/brilliant/incredible project to make Lionel Richie BIGGER. Just watch the video to hear him explain it:

And if you didn't watch the video:

Inspired by the "hello" video we want to celebrate 30 years of Lionel Richie music by making a giant sculpture of his head. There will be a telephone ringing inside the head sculpture. People will be able to walk inside, pick up the phone and hear Lionel Richie's beautiful voice.

Ok team. we have to get on it! Less than 48 hours to go and the kickstarter goal is still two thirds short. Why not pitch in and help this crazy idea come to life!

Click here to contribute now.

Also a big congrats to Dave, I'm very impressed.

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