Tonight my bedroom received a rearrangement make over. My contribution was limited to repeating 'measure it be before you move it' every 10 minutes like the nagging wife I am.

It's been crazy hectic for me in life and work lately and as I type this from my bed, which is 90 degrees different than it was this morning, I feel like I am in a hotel! A fancy hotel! This room is a whole new space... and the air is lighter.

Who new a little rearrangement of furniture could be so relaxing. Or perhaps it's because I know that the dumping ground know as 'under the bed' has been cleared out. De-clutter ftw!

Image above from my pinterest board named home


  1. fun!! i love changing furniture around. unfortunately, our house is much too small to rearrange anything. someday!

    1. See I thought that too. Our room had a chunk of 'dead space' as soon as you walked in and I thought the bed position was unchangeable because of the width of the bed vs the width of the room. Boy was I wrong. Dead space is now useful space!!

      Give it a go :D

  2. What a great idea, I'm thinking about doing a few changes in my bedroom myself.

  3. I encourage this to the nth degree.