A Friday Find

At 10am this morning, I asked myself "Are we there yet?" there being the weekend. Hurry up already! This week has been chaos with work and feeling ill. I haven't achieved much other than figuring out how to open the garage door on my own (a big accomplishment given I've lived in this house for 18 months).

One thing I did manage to notice this week, was a whole lot of meh on the internet being present as gold! For example, this clip called 135 Shots That Will Restore Your Faith in Cinema. It's just a series of good quality shots from films, which is nice and all but the title is so presumptive and arrogant. I mean, have we all lost faith in cinema? Are we ready to cast it aside as it so so lacking in goodness that we have lost our faith in it?

Maybe we have lost faith in the quality of stories on screen as told by Hollywood (I'm look at you Nicolas Spark's adaptations) but have you ever heard anyone say "Man, cinematography is really going down hill these days" or "they don't shoot them like they used to"?? No! And if you have, you need less film-nerdy friends.

The other meh I've noticed is the hoopla around Melissa Mayer being appointed to Yahoo! CEO (a woman! gasp!) while pregnant (gasp! again!) in her late thirties (watch me faint!). This is not a scandal, and in fact it is embrassing that the world seems to think it is. One woman, who's really good at her job, got a new job and she happens to be pregnant. Fullstop. This is not earth shattering for misogynists, nor a win for feminists. It's a good for her.

And finally this instagram from DesignLoveFest's Bri Emery made me feel all sorts of meh about my work from home outfit of tights, flannel and a hoodie. Which, mind you, I do really love most days.

Sorry to be such a downer! I'm not, I promise. Why?

Because it's the freakin weekend! 

So let's crack out the R. Kelly and party on wayne! 

Have a great weekend!!