W Magazine: Stars on TV

Beautiful photographs by Kurt Iswarienko for W Magazine, in a feature on movie stars taking a turn at TV. Shows like Mad Men, Breaking Bad (returning soon!) and Girls are proving that great tv is here to stay, especially with some big names jumping on board.

“A few years ago, a TV show might
have been unthinkable to me” 

Angelica Houston in the accompanying interview with Fan Zhong.


  1. Oh gorgeous. So you'll have to fill me in on this 'girls' boat that i've clearly missed. What is it, when is it, where is it?

    Pixel Hazard | Bright Green Laces |

    1. Well it's an HBO series which you can get on the Aussie iTunes store. Very real yet interesting. First two episodes are painfully awkward, after that it picks up. Recommended.

      Also, it's created/written/directed by a 25 yr old woman. Worth cause to support: women in the arts / doin it for themselves!