On the beginning of an idea

Jonathan Ive, Apple's design chief in a recent Telegraph interview with Shane Richmond:

 "And you can have this barely formed thought and then suddenly something does actually exist. Then that thought that is so tentative and so fragile normally becomes a tentative discussion and you're trying to bring body to the thought with words. Generally what happens is that's a conversation between a couple of people and is exclusive."

That's the beginning of your idea. So what's next?

"Then a remarkable thing happens at the time you make the first object, the time that you actually give form and dimension to the idea. In the whole process, that's the one point where the transition is the most dramatic and suddenly you can involve multiple people. It brings focus and it can galvanise a group of people, which is enormously powerful."

To me when you start to involve other people is when a project starts to break or starts to make it. As Ive says this step brings focus, but in my experience it also brings a lot of shakey ground in the form of differing opinions, conflict and atitude changes.

I've had the above quote sitting as a blog draft for a while as I tried to find the significance of it for me and my creative projects. Then last night, at the Vivid Festival Event From Little Things, Bjoern Lasse Herrmann spoke on how it's not start up companies with bad ideas that fail but start ups that don't have good structure that fail. Good structure meaning a supportive team, a singe vision, lots of customer interaction and most importantly an ability to change/adapt/pivot.

The power of the team that Ive speaks of can be a force of good or evil and I'm not just talking about start ups either. Your screenplay, your youtube clip, your website or poster are all able to live or die at the hand of the greater team you work with. At the end of the day it's not the idea you had that determines success but the people you build around it.

Tell me, have you had any spectacular project failures? Or at the very least lost all enthusiasm for an idea once you involved more people? Leave a comment.

And finally, thanks to Bjoern Lasse Herrmann and the team at Pollenizer for a great event.

Photos from My Little Pony Hair.

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