Music for Mondayitis

A few weeks back, we surprised ourselves by buying last minute tickets to the Sufjan Stevens, Bryce Dessner, Nico Muhly Planetarium show for Vivid Festival. So. Glad. We. Did.

The first half of the show featured the Orava String Quartet, who were clearly enjoying their time on stage. Jupiter was a standout in the second half.

Last week, I wandered down to Sydney University to witness the transit of Venus on the front lawn. I'm really not that into science or space stuff but I was encouraged to go by my spacing-loving mate @flashman. Again. So. Glad. I. Did.

It brought back everything Sufjan said at the Vivid event, about Venus being our neighbour and about Earth's size. And in context of that tiny dot on the sun, I became overwhelmed by how freakin big the universe is. Now, I know this isn't news, of course the universe is big. But sometimes you have a moment where a fact is put into a new context and it creates revelation. This was my moment and it was scary.

I left feeling a bit sick, scared and overwhelmed by the universe. Have you ever had a moment like that?


  1. I saw the transit too... It was really cool to see something like that happen!

  2. I'm glad you saw it too.

  3. Glad you saw the transit! But I was kind of bored by most of the concert. I felt like pretty much everyone (except Sufjan) treated the theme like a bit of a joke (especially Nico), which was a shame because then I didn't feel like they were honestly getting behind their performance.

    When Sufjan uses natural phenomena as a theme, he can come up with stuff like 'Vesuvius'. But I don't think he really managed it this time.

  4. @ flashman I think part of the problem was in the lack of project gestation. From what I understand they went from concept to performance in less than a couple of months. Working like that isn't always going to bring about great work.

    It wasn't his best, but it was still him.