Go on, rant away

While I don't agree with everything (or much of) he said, I did enjoy Choire Sicha's rant on blogging not being curating last week.

... your metaphor is all wrong.
More likely you're a low-grade collector, not a curator.

replace "curator" with
"people who are really picky with what they share on Facebook"

This precious bit of dressing-up what people choose to share on the Internet is, sure, silly, but it's also a way for bloggers to distance themselves from the dirty blogging masses. 

I'm not one for being mean unnecessarily I do find the whole "everyone needs to be nice to everyone on the blogosphere" schtick a little tiresome. It's a shame that people forget that blogs are really the perfect place to rant. So rant rant way my friends. I'm all for it.

Read the full post of You Are Not a Curator, You Are Actually Just a Filthy Blogger here. Image via... oh golly pinterest to tumblr to tumblr to tumblr to no credit </rant>.


  1. I don't really mind if people rant as long as it isn't every post. I would get over it then.

    1. Yeah, unless that's their thing and they're funny about it.

  2. The comments in that post are hilarious. People are so funny when they don't take themselves so seriously.

    1. ha ha true. who knew 'filthy blogger' could be such an offensive term!?