A moment of inspiration

Sometimes, in internet land, you come across something you just can't put down - a photograph on tumblr without a credit, a song on a dodgy youtube clip made of cheesy stills that you play in a background tab the invisible bike lolcat and so on. Silly things on their own, that over time create a mental collage of what the internet means to us personally.

Then other times the internet affords us wisdom we might never have heard elsewhere, snippets of something that can change our lives.

One such thing for me is this post from Swiss Miss (I'm re-posting in full with genuine respect):

That one line 'I wish I would have embraced and trusted the entrepreneurial side in me earlier' has been on loop in my head every day for weeks now. It has inspired so much confidence in me to go out and achieve what I want to, and to take business risks even though I am not a business person 'by trade'. This is one moment of internet inspiration I needed to repost to remember forever. Thank you Tina Roth Eisenberg.

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