Bright bright bright animals

Bright animal prints will always make me smile. And these, in particular, are all from designers worth following. Can you recommend some great designers or illustrators I should be following?

Top: I Love You California by Annie Galvin, who with Eric Rewitzer make up 3 Fish Studios in San Francisco. We just bought one of the bear prints because we love California too! (Though I do feel like the bear is cheating on Cali a little in this Oregon print.)

Middle: Owl Dress and Jumper by Romance Was Born and available at The Grand Social.

Bottom: Prints by Nicholas Girling who also sells as Printspace out of Melbourne.


  1. I love the first one. From your tweet I was half alarmingly expecting fluro green leopard print horrors but I got curious

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  2. @ pixelhazard, well I am glad that i can surprise and delight you! I hope you haven't been disappointed!!