I love them but I just found out...

...cacti fall just below drugs and guns as the most popular item smuggled out of Mexico"

what the what?

Tidbit found via Kate Miss of For Me For You. Pics by me at The Huntington.


  1. wow, that is fascinating. how on earth would you sneak one out? :)

    also, thank you so much for your comment on cup of jo about sponsored links. i agree with you and actually do have a big explanation/disclaimer about them on the right-hand side of my blog (it's on every page of the blog, so you'll see it whenever you visit) -- just wanted to let you know, in case you wanted to read more about it, etc. thank you so much for your comment, and i'm glad to be able to tell you that i already have what you were looking for! :) xoxo thanks!! joanna

  2. Hey joanna,

    thanks for making your way over here to comment. I did reply on your post. I hope I wasnt rude. And I do appreciate that you do have to make a living off your blog.

    thanks heaps for your comment.