I love them but I just found out...

...cacti fall just below drugs and guns as the most popular item smuggled out of Mexico"

what the what?

Tidbit found via Kate Miss of For Me For You. Pics by me at The Huntington.

Music for Mondayitis

Thought of this song and video while on the train this morning. Maybe today, I'm hoping for a more interesting reality to live in.

Baby Sloths

May I interrupt this lack of programming with baby sloth videos:

Sydney Unplugged

Illustration by Mike Watt

According to Popcorn Taxi:

‘Sydney Unplugged’, which will commence production in late 2012, will be a compendium of 12 stories, showcasing the city of Sydney. One expects the results to be something akin to ‘Paris, J’Taime’ and ‘New York, I Love You’. 

There's more:

Produced (by) Tropfest’s John Polson and Gary Hamilton (A Few Best Men) the list of directors involved in the project is impressive, to say the least: Alex Proyas (Knowing), David Michôd (Animal Kingdom), Ivan Sen (Toomelah), John Curran (The Painted Veil), Kieran Darcy-Smith (Wish You Were Here), Liev Schreiber (Everything is Illuminated), Rachel Ward (Beautiful Kate), Ray Lawrence (Lantana) and Russell Crowe (Texas), will be joined by actors Anthony LaPaglia and Toni Collette in their directorial debuts.

Ahem. Sounds amazing. Or some might say "phenom!" as in "phenomenal" shortened. But I would never say that - it's the worst abbreviation ever.

The Oscars

You guys, I've been so busy I haven't even watched the Oscars or half the nominees. Have you?

Illustration of Michelle Williams in Louis Vuitton by Lizzie Donegan. Via Style And Then Some.