To be creative

I'm missing these two like crazy. New Mad Men should be coming early this year, no?

What I'm not missing is working in an ad agency. I'm not missing working in an office either. I've reached the point of working for myself where I want to shake people by the shoulders and scream "You don't know what you're missing! Get out! Get out now!" This of course would be highly inappropriate - each to their own after all.

But apart from not missing the 'daily grind' of office work, I am specifically not missing creating advertising ideas. (For those that care, I now mostly do design - the clients are much easier to manage.) Before I used to watch every ad, look for every industry and technology innovation, check all the industry  blogs, follow know-it-alls on twitter. It was exhaustingly necessary. My work was about ideas all the time - nuggets of thought that had to be multi-platform but single focussed, innovative yet familiar, targeted but not narrow, complex but not complicated, simple but not boring and most of all had to be explainable and sellable. Over and over again you must explain your idea, to your boss, to the project managers, to the producers and then finally to the client who with one swift raise of an eyebrow could flick your idea out of the room, never to return.  Did I use the word exhausting already?

I was a 'creative'. A noun I always felt should have been left as an adjective. But not so much anymore.

My work is now less 'creative' in the advertising sense but more creative in the literal sense. I'm enjoying the work I do now as the 'sell' has been removed. Sure I'm still conscious of audiences and targets and product awareness in my design work, but it's not the main focus.

This week for example, I am hand painting a website design. PAINTING. Now that's creative.


  1. my favorite line is when he tells her that he would spend the rest of his life trying to hire her if she doesn't come to his new agency... love it!

  2. @punctuation mark - my favourite banter of the show is that between these two. I like it even more that Sterlings one liners!