Music for Mondayitis - Performing Pregnant

A couple of years ago I posted about MIA performing on her due date, which was truly freakin spectatular - the only woman on stage and owning it. And in light of all the "Beyonce's PREGNANT!!!" exclaiming I figured it's worth reposting that video and compiling a list of "She's pregnant and performing" videos.

1. MIA Performs at the 2009 Grammys with Kanye West, Lil Wayne among others

Bad quality as the original was removed :(

2. Beyonce announces baby bump at the 2011

3. Beyonce's new video - Countdown

4. Bjork with Kukl

5. Pink's Raise Your Glass

Maybe I'm just cynical but I think it's a real shame that people are making such a big deal about Beyonce being pregnant while still releasing singles and performing. To me it reeks of a "that woman shouldn't be outside! She's pregnant!" attitude. But again, I'm cynical.

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