Music for Mondayitis

I always love For Me For You's Music Monday posts but being in Australia means they always arrive on a Tuesday. So I've been inspired to create my own Monday-Music posts that will land on the true Monday!

Country is a pretty underrated genre in my opinion. I'm not a fan of most popular country music but if something has a little twang or a hint of a banjo I am there. I discovered Jeff Bridges music by accident when his new album was featured on the iTunes homepage and wanted to give it a go straight away. The album is soulful and bluesy with straightforward melodies that I attempt to sing along too (I'm not blessed with a sing-aloud voice).

The first track is 'What A Little Bit of Love Can Do' and I've listened to it 27 times in 3 weeks! Seriously. I love it. You can watch the video here.

During my Jeff Bridges research I also discovered some amazing photographs on his site (which is full of awesome illustrations too). Most of the photos are from his time on set. The ones above are from the Crazy Heart shoot. You can see them all on his site, here.

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