How to be the best dressed guest

#weddings It seems they're everywhere. Especially on the blogs, on pinterest, on twitter. It's not hard to see that the internet has become the go to source for wedding planning if you're a bride. But what if you're a guest?

If you're a bride you can google "Top 5 wedding dresses" and be hit by hundreds of posts. When you type in "Top 5 dress for wedding guests" all but 2 of the first page results are for dresses for the BRIDE! Ahh well it's silly to complain, it's not as though that's how I'd find a dress to wear anyway.

For most of the weddings I've been to I've worn dresses borrowed from friends - special event clothes are expensive dammit! But now I have 3 weddings to attend in the next 12 months and I want to go shopping. Here I've created 3 unique 'looks' for each wedding and I'd like your feedback.

NOTE: this isn't a "fashion blog". This is just a post on me getting dressed in something other than jeans and a t-shirt. Alrighty? 

I'm not sure of what the official 'themes' of each wedding are, since I'm not the planner (thank you baby Jesus) so I'm making them up based on the little I know and the personalities of the couples getting hitched. Let's go:

1. Hot summer - fun party - great music
Shoes: Rachel Comey Bend Sandal $240 @ Beklina. Dress: Suno Button Down Dress $283. Bag: Jill Sander Pyramid Clutch £258.33 @ NetAPorter.

2. Elegant - charming - uptown cityscape
Dress: Veronique Leroy black contrast dress $404 @ Opening Ceremony. Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs Petal to the Metal Flap Pouchette $240 @ ShopBop. Shoes: Marais USA Closetoe Wedge $115. Earrings $98 and 'No Sleep til Brooklyn' Bangles $88 by Kate Spade.

3. Dance your 70s shoes off cause we're in Vegas baby!
Dress: Sonia by Sonial Rykiel Brushed Silk dress @ NetAPorter. Earrings: I. Ronni Kappos Gold Earrings $175 @ Beklina. Purse: Vintage Green Faux Snake Skin Purse $19 @ nine20nine. Shoes: Vintage 70s Wedges $44 @ Dear Golden Vintage. Watch: Peacock Face Watch $29.95 @ Sportsgirl.

So there you go. 3 very different, very re-wearable outfits. Now to pick one! What's your favourite?

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