The coolest wedding invite ever?

In my line of work I like to think that the idea or the concept is always more important than the execution. But if you had to explain 'good design' to an alien with a bag full of contemporary wedding invites I think you'd have a hard time convincing them of this. So few of them seem to have an idea at all.

In the sea of lace applique, letterpressed type and fabric lined envelopes it's hard to believe that a simple wedding invitation design even exists let alone one with a concept. But one does, thanks to designer Cristina Moralejo. Look...

It says tying the knot so simply. And because it's interactive it really elevates the role of the user/invitee - they'll be a part of the big day, not just spectators. I think it's a stunning idea.


Just a couple of final notes I have to add: 1. I'm not hating on the current crop of wedding invitaion designers. For one I love the work of Ellie from Mint at Hello Ten Fold. 2. I was inspired too look for good invites because of Jordan's post on Real Simple about how once no one came to her party :(


  1. Hi Brigitta! I am slow & just realised you had a 2nd blog :-)
    LOVE this invitation - so simple yet clever x

  2. @Hi Kelly Yes it's my original blog. congrats on the bub too!