New In Sweet Alabama....

I just saw the poster for the new Renée Zellweger rom-com New In Town and I can't believe the similarities between it and the poster for Reese Witherspoon rom-com Sweet Home Alabama. Similar type layout, fonts, colouring, set up, pose, props. An accident perhaps? Maybe.

Then I watched the trailer for New In Town and realised that both films share the same "a city girl in a small town" storyline. Is this for real?

The poster I understand - woman, luggage, striking pose - it could be for anything. But the when the storylines match up too I just think it's a bit pathetic. Doesn't Hollywood have any new ideas anymore?

*Update* I couldn't get this out of my head and went digging for more. It turns out that both of these movies are scripted by C. Jay Cox. That's right. The same guy.


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