I share my height with successful men....

NPR is talking about successful American men who are 5ft 7" in height. That's my height! I am as tall as Tom Cruise, Martin Luther King, Frank Sinatra and Bob Dylan. Wow. These men are the same height and also really successful. I guess that means I can be too!
"We 5-foot-7 Americans are an elite if diminutive bunch. We see the world at eye level. We aren't so tall that our heads hover in the clouds, but we aren't so short that we need to crane our necks to see the light.

Many of us are rough around the edges. Call it a Napoleon complex if you like, but be advised that it's an advantage. We're just small enough to keep the fire of inferiority alive inside, and that flame, my friend, burns eternal. It keeps us warm no matter how cold it gets." Dennis O'Toole of NPR.

This news is so surprising to me. It excites me. This knowledge makes me smile knowing that I am not limited by my height at all. I know I am neither American or a man but wise people have said that wont hinder me in trying to be successful. I am so happy to know that my exact height is the golden ticket. It is a good news friday people.

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