Ira Glass....

I love Ira Glass.

Ira Glass leads the radio program, and now television series, This American Life. The radio show, from Chicago Public Radio, is an anecdotal program that each week explores a particular topic relating to the ordinary, daily life of America. It's wonderfully insightful and entertaining.

But I have to say it took me a while to get on the "Loving This American Life (!)" bandwagon. Originally I thought it was too idiosyncratic and self aware and then I realised that was the point.

One thing you can gather from the radio show (that you can get as a podcast for one week after the show airs) is that Glass is someone you'd want to learn from. Someone who really understands their craft.

And in saying that I will post a current tv interview with Glass where he talks about storytelling, in particular storytelling for broadcast media. It's worth more than a subject at university.

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