Helen Hunt's film looks like my Mum's new favourite movie....

Helen Hunt makes her feature film directorial debut with an adaption of Elinor Lipman's novel Then She Found Me. Staring Hunt along with Colin Firth, Mathew Broderick and Bette Midler I feel as those this movie was made for my Mum, and will be something I will love (even though I don't know why yet).

The maths at this stage show the common features of a film to suit my Mum:
  • Recognizable actors
  • Bette Midler (class of her own recognizability)
  • Humourous family drama
  • Theme 1: Divorced women can be strong without men
  • Theme 2: All women want to be loved
  • Theme 3: Hope

The trailer looks sweet. See it here.