garfield minus garfield....

Imagine if you removed Garfield from a Garfield comic every day. How Genius would it be? As Genius as the blog garfield minus garfield. via it's nice that.

Tuesday Stuff....

Best FARK headline of the day: "Democracy means you can vote for anyone. War means you voted for the wrong people".

Best rugby league moment in cricket ever.

Hillary on The Daily Show, promoting Super Tuesday The Sequel.

Does anyone else agree that the interesting photos on Flickr aren't that interesting?

Kelly Osbourne singing 'Total Eclipse of the Heart' is actually really good.

UPDATE: I forgot today was Wednesday.

Heidi and Britney singing together....

Someone tell me this is fake!

What do two blonde paparazzi loving celebrities without a clue do when they want to generate even more press? They create an awful awful awful duet. Yes, I said awful. Seriously a Britney Spears & Heidi Montag duet? Listen to it here. This can't be for real!?!?!

I mean Britney would never sink this low would she?
Gosh, publicity whoring just went up to a whole new level.

via BuzzFeed

UPDATE: Apparently it's for realz (blah). But in a faux way. Heidi took an unreleased Britney track and added her 'vocals' to it. As reported by many.