New In Sweet Alabama....

I just saw the poster for the new Renée Zellweger rom-com New In Town and I can't believe the similarities between it and the poster for Reese Witherspoon rom-com Sweet Home Alabama. Similar type layout, fonts, colouring, set up, pose, props. An accident perhaps? Maybe.

Then I watched the trailer for New In Town and realised that both films share the same "a city girl in a small town" storyline. Is this for real?

The poster I understand - woman, luggage, striking pose - it could be for anything. But the when the storylines match up too I just think it's a bit pathetic. Doesn't Hollywood have any new ideas anymore?

*Update* I couldn't get this out of my head and went digging for more. It turns out that both of these movies are scripted by C. Jay Cox. That's right. The same guy.


Drawminos is a fun interactive drawing/dominos game (duh!). I recommend it.

Totally got engaged....

Totally proposed to by a pop up card! Amazing!

Darling, I Need Ya....

The new video for the next Kid Confucius single Darling, I Need Ya. The single is also this week’s iTunes Single Of The Week, which is free to download here.

The band’s new album, The Let Go, will be out in stores and available on iTunes this Saturday.

PS. I'm in the video!

I share my height with successful men....

NPR is talking about successful American men who are 5ft 7" in height. That's my height! I am as tall as Tom Cruise, Martin Luther King, Frank Sinatra and Bob Dylan. Wow. These men are the same height and also really successful. I guess that means I can be too!
"We 5-foot-7 Americans are an elite if diminutive bunch. We see the world at eye level. We aren't so tall that our heads hover in the clouds, but we aren't so short that we need to crane our necks to see the light.

Many of us are rough around the edges. Call it a Napoleon complex if you like, but be advised that it's an advantage. We're just small enough to keep the fire of inferiority alive inside, and that flame, my friend, burns eternal. It keeps us warm no matter how cold it gets." Dennis O'Toole of NPR.

This news is so surprising to me. It excites me. This knowledge makes me smile knowing that I am not limited by my height at all. I know I am neither American or a man but wise people have said that wont hinder me in trying to be successful. I am so happy to know that my exact height is the golden ticket. It is a good news friday people.

Street View Australia....

Street View Australia: Amazingly extensive.

This is the beach I grew up on, 45 mins north of Cairns, a really boring place that's ages from anywhere exciting. I can't believe they went that far north.

Man on Wire....

I just watched this incredible trailer.

Man on Wire

Ira Glass....

I love Ira Glass.

Ira Glass leads the radio program, and now television series, This American Life. The radio show, from Chicago Public Radio, is an anecdotal program that each week explores a particular topic relating to the ordinary, daily life of America. It's wonderfully insightful and entertaining.

But I have to say it took me a while to get on the "Loving This American Life (!)" bandwagon. Originally I thought it was too idiosyncratic and self aware and then I realised that was the point.

One thing you can gather from the radio show (that you can get as a podcast for one week after the show airs) is that Glass is someone you'd want to learn from. Someone who really understands their craft.

And in saying that I will post a current tv interview with Glass where he talks about storytelling, in particular storytelling for broadcast media. It's worth more than a subject at university.

Best of 'That's What She Said'....

Video at Boinkology: The Office brings us us even more timeless “That’s what she said” moments.

via kottke

Helen Hunt's film looks like my Mum's new favourite movie....

Helen Hunt makes her feature film directorial debut with an adaption of Elinor Lipman's novel Then She Found Me. Staring Hunt along with Colin Firth, Mathew Broderick and Bette Midler I feel as those this movie was made for my Mum, and will be something I will love (even though I don't know why yet).

The maths at this stage show the common features of a film to suit my Mum:
  • Recognizable actors
  • Bette Midler (class of her own recognizability)
  • Humourous family drama
  • Theme 1: Divorced women can be strong without men
  • Theme 2: All women want to be loved
  • Theme 3: Hope

The trailer looks sweet. See it here.

garfield minus garfield....

Imagine if you removed Garfield from a Garfield comic every day. How Genius would it be? As Genius as the blog garfield minus garfield. via it's nice that.

Tuesday Stuff....

Best FARK headline of the day: "Democracy means you can vote for anyone. War means you voted for the wrong people".

Best rugby league moment in cricket ever.

Hillary on The Daily Show, promoting Super Tuesday The Sequel.

Does anyone else agree that the interesting photos on Flickr aren't that interesting?

Kelly Osbourne singing 'Total Eclipse of the Heart' is actually really good.

UPDATE: I forgot today was Wednesday.

Heidi and Britney singing together....

Someone tell me this is fake!

What do two blonde paparazzi loving celebrities without a clue do when they want to generate even more press? They create an awful awful awful duet. Yes, I said awful. Seriously a Britney Spears & Heidi Montag duet? Listen to it here. This can't be for real!?!?!

I mean Britney would never sink this low would she?
Gosh, publicity whoring just went up to a whole new level.

via BuzzFeed

UPDATE: Apparently it's for realz (blah). But in a faux way. Heidi took an unreleased Britney track and added her 'vocals' to it. As reported by many.

Once won!

I've mentioned the film Once a couple of times and it has to be one of the best films I have seen in years. I was so excited when the song 'Falling Slowly' from the film was nominated for an Academy Award for "Achievement in music written for motion pictures (Original song)" as I hoped the film would get some wider recognition.

Normally as I watch the Oscars ceremony I really don't mind who will win as its generally a pick from a good batch, but last night I so wanted Once to win. And when it did, it was probably the first time I ever jumped out of my seat and threw my fists in the air.

After performing it wonderfully on the stage earlier in the night, Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova took to the stage to accept their statuettes. I was so excited but very disappointed when Marketa was cut off by the music. Either way I went to bed not caring about the rest of the show.

What I missed out on though was Marketa being called back to the stage by Jon Stewart to finish her speech. But thanks to the power of youtube you can watch all of it here.

You can also see the live Oscars performance of Falling Slowly here. And the film version here.

More Hills....

I really don't know why I post about The Hills. It's just so embarrassing that I am a fan and probably not something that I should broadcast. I know that. So laugh all you want. But that said I am so excited about the upcoming Season 3 extension. It premieres in the states on March 24 and there is a new extended trailer up here on We follow Lauren and Whitney to Paris and back again to LA, where we see more of Audrina, Justin Bobby, Heidi, Spencer and Brody. Seriously I cant believe I am posting this.

Attempt to: Complete List of Sweded Movies....

I am a huge fan of director Michel Gondry and I am so excited about the upcoming release of his new film Be Kind Rewind (out Feb 22 in the states, March 20 in Australia). The plot works around the idea that video store employees recreate movies after the tapes are erased.

In the film this process of recreating and reshooting is called 'sweding' and Michel Gondry and actor Jack Black introduce the topic here in a video called 'How To Swede'.

Popping up on youtube and other places are tonnes of 'sweded' movies that people have created and this is my attempt to compile them all. Please submit via the comments any I have missed.

- Those marked as 'official' are from the film and can be found on the official website and/or on the Be Kind Rewind youtube page.
- Read more here and watch the official trailer here.
- View Michel Gondry's sweded Be Kind Rewind trailer here.



Needless to say is that I have had many enquiries about this, with more people linking to this than anything else ever posted in the 3 years of Snacked. Thanks to all those who linked to this and to everyone who submitted their videos and other ideas.

I did have some media enquires and the questions I was asked got me thinking about what makes a sweded movie a sweded movie. And so I want to use this update as a way to explain some which are 'missing'.

For example, Brandon Hardesty's videos are absent as they were not made after the film, nor are they labeled as 'sweded'. And the PropellerTV ads are fantastic, but weren't made with the intention of 'sweding' something for the fun of it.

It may seem a little futile and pedantic, to have such rules, but my initial goal was to create a list of sweded films. Sweded as in inspired by the film Be Kind Rewind, which is where the term came from. I just think its more fun that way. The other option is that I create a list of every homemade video online that parodies another film and that's really no where near as fun, and frankly I wouldn't have the time. This list took long enough!

Also a final note, there is a sweded movies site thats compiling stuff as well.



I am totally surprised that this is still going, and that the majority of my traffic is to this page. It astounds me.

The first thing to update this time round, is that the film has been released in Australia! Woo hoo!

Secondly, I have added a couple of new Star Wars videos, which are probably two of the best I have seen. The others that I have added include Juno, Dune and Snakes On A Plane. Also, it was about time someone did Gladiator and someone has! so that's up there too.

The Hills....

I love The Hills. Yes, I just admitted that in a public forum. I love it. I love that it is real and fake, I love that its a spin off show - not an original - I love that its perhaps the best from of entertainment around.

Many people have theories on the Hills and why it is important or significant or revolutionary. These theories are all generally true, even the conflicting ones, even the ones which disagree with each other. This is the basis of my theory of why the Hills is imporant/significant/revolutionary.

The Hills combines reality with drama. It proposes itself as a 'reality show' but when you watch it you know its not real. There's something fun in that I know its star Lauren Conrad is a real person, and thats her name and when I watch it I can point at things that are hers, such as 'that's her house', 'that's her roommate Audrina', 'that's her boss', 'that's her dress that someone gave her to wear to look good for the show' and so on.

But I know that even though 'that's Lauren with her friends' that everything other than the existence of these people is sculpted to form the parts of a drama. Drama requires situations and conflict and tension. On The Hills the situations and conflicts and tension are constructed by people other than Lauren Conrad. This is what makes this show important. The Hills gives us everything we wanted from Big Brother but didnt get. The creators of the show saw that too much of the conflict and tensions in reality can be boring and drawn out. What was needed for reality shows to work was something other than reality.

And why is this significant? It's significant because its something we have never seen before. Sure most reality shows have some element of fakeness to them, a little bit of constructed drama here and there but The Hills goes all out. It's shot on film and there are no talking head moments and more importantly we never see anything to do with the fame that being on The Hills has brought its stars.

The way each episode is presented is to tell the viewer that all of this is real, but the way it is shot tells the viewer that all of it is fake. Fake in the sense that Friends and Sex and The City are fake: a bunch of people paid to play out the lives of characters.

I cant wait for the rest of season three to begin. In the meantime I watch full episodes on and pray that the writers strike wont affect the production of season 4.

All photos from For better Hills coverage than I could ever provide visit songs about buildings and food.

Feist video for "I Feel It All" ...

YouTube - Feist - "I Feel It All" OFFICIAL Music Video

TED | Talks | Erin McKean....

Erin McKean gives such a great talk about redefining the dictionary at TED and you can watch it online. But I have to point out that my favourite bit is this quote:

"Serendipity is when you find things you weren't looking for because finding what you are looking for is so damn difficult."

Watch it here TED | Talks | Erin McKean: Redefining the dictionary

Love is blind, so read with braille...

This gorgeous vase is designed by Jessica Marie Lertvilai and is titled 'Love is Blind'. The ceramic vase is covered in love letters translated into braille. Its stunning.