teh fuel! i just care about the bananas

i dont care if you are paying $1.40 a litre. dang it people, $1.40 is the best thing thats happened to the environment in years.

BUT bananas? really. I used to moan when they were $3.00 a kilo, but 9.96?!?!?!?! Coles, get a life. The cyclone didnt do more than ten bucks a kilo worth of damage. I even have proof in the form of my eye witness mother. So screw you coles, you will be lucky to see any of my banana money in the future.


  1. that is ridiculous!! even my organic bananas don't cost me nearly that much. Move to London...plenty of cheap bananas to go around :-)

  2. hey they are over 12 bucks now. dang it.