Holy Crap! Gmail gives me my dream calendar

yay! its everything i wanted. seriously the number of times i thought to myself, I would love a calendar online, and now i dotn have to worry about it. yesss, napoleon style.

ps. i am now a uni graduate.

teh fuel! i just care about the bananas

i dont care if you are paying $1.40 a litre. dang it people, $1.40 is the best thing thats happened to the environment in years.

BUT bananas? really. I used to moan when they were $3.00 a kilo, but 9.96?!?!?!?! Coles, get a life. The cyclone didnt do more than ten bucks a kilo worth of damage. I even have proof in the form of my eye witness mother. So screw you coles, you will be lucky to see any of my banana money in the future.