Sam Taylor-Wood

I highly recommend the Sam Taylor-Wood exhibiton at the MCA. Go now!
however i do not recommend see the Sam Taylor-Wood exhibiton at the MCA on the same day as seeing the portraiture exhibiton at the MCA and the Archibald prize a the Art Gallery of NSW. Too many faces in one day will drive a person insane.


  1. Mushroom and I went to Sam Taylor-Wood the other week. Shame on me for assuming that Sam was a "he". How about that "brontosaurus" installation, eh?

  2. that one just freaked me out something bad. i loved the tap dancing/pigeon though.

  3. yo, i thought that bronto dude was down. he was pretty happy to be dancing. and like, naked too.

    i say art doesn't have enough naked dancers. moulin rouge could sponsor an upheaval. viva la nakies!!