the interwebs

After spending yesterday glued to defamers live blogging of the oscars, and smh's diligent live updates (more diligent than defamer as defamer became drunker), today i find internet browsing between opening flash files all the more boring.

After on exciting day on the interwebs, the next seems so slow.

for example smh only has thorpy (boring), frocks (saw them yesterday) and a gay madonna (who cares)

and i am sick of spending the day waiting for my fave daily comics to update.
diesel sweeties, toothpaste, natalie and married all update about 4.30-5pm and so i am starved all day.

gee i should stop whining. at least i have the interwebs (in english).


  1. thorpie's a loser. you are not a loser.
    hope you feel better soon.