I have posted about a great but small US band named Eisley before. They had a sweet video on the nylon site for a while.

Well they just announced last week that they are touring with Taking Back Sunday and perform this week on the 15th and 16th at the Roundhouse at UNSW.

I aint going as after seeing so many bands this summer, i cannot spend another 50 bucks to see a band, my bank will kill me.

I already commented over at Electron Soup that if i had saved up all my cash and not seen bands over the past 3 months i would have a small fortune large enough to go see japanese punk bands in japan. oh well.

If you go i hope you like it. be warned though, it all ages. eewwwww emo teenagers! yuck.

okay that last comment is harsh, i take it back, its just i prefer emo 20-somethings so much more.

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