I have posted about a great but small US band named Eisley before. They had a sweet video on the nylon site for a while.

Well they just announced last week that they are touring with Taking Back Sunday and perform this week on the 15th and 16th at the Roundhouse at UNSW.

I aint going as after seeing so many bands this summer, i cannot spend another 50 bucks to see a band, my bank will kill me.

I already commented over at Electron Soup that if i had saved up all my cash and not seen bands over the past 3 months i would have a small fortune large enough to go see japanese punk bands in japan. oh well.

If you go i hope you like it. be warned though, it all ages. eewwwww emo teenagers! yuck.

okay that last comment is harsh, i take it back, its just i prefer emo 20-somethings so much more.

comic = addictions

I am addicted to Questionable Content a fabulous online comic.
I went back to no.500 to get part of the full picture but i am sure i will make it back to the very beginnings this weekend.

the interwebs

After spending yesterday glued to defamers live blogging of the oscars, and smh's diligent live updates (more diligent than defamer as defamer became drunker), today i find internet browsing between opening flash files all the more boring.

After on exciting day on the interwebs, the next seems so slow.

for example smh only has thorpy (boring), frocks (saw them yesterday) and a gay madonna (who cares)

and i am sick of spending the day waiting for my fave daily comics to update.
diesel sweeties, toothpaste, natalie and married all update about 4.30-5pm and so i am starved all day.

gee i should stop whining. at least i have the interwebs (in english).

Not Martha - thank goodness

Well one of the few good things about blogger is their "blogs of note" list on their homepage. Every now and then when i am feeling brave and willing to venture out of my usual blog rounds, I have a squiz at the list. Its where I found LasFashionistas a when celebrities are slaughtered and praised for what they wear.

My most recent find has been Not Martha. A blog about home goodness, baking and stuff to make. I am going to make these magnets today.