films and stuff that i forgot to mention

So i just made about 18 posts about music, I know that i should be keeping up to date with the movies around the tracks so here goes.
Its bloody oscars season so keep an eye out for films that claim to be the best. They sometimes arent. Films over the past year that i reckon are great include:

I will update this list for the next week or so as i remember the films that should be added.

Weddings not Webdings

The big lavish kind with money to throw around. Hmmm they are so much fun. I was doing the twist as well as slow dancing to Bon Jovi before shaking things up with Britney covers.
Gosh, how could that be fun??? But it so was and i danced so much.

Its always fun....

when you wake up in your new house, walk into your new courtyard, look out the gate and see a homeless person sleeping on your step.

when your neighbours are redneck metal fans who use the 'c' word repeatedly.

when even though your new house is totally flippin awesome its actually backing into the biggest druglane in the suburb.

Young Lovers

My friend Luke has sent me this today. I recomemend you check it out. Tell all your friends. My favourite is the keytar.

Inspired by late night TV movies, cartoon vampires, and a steady diet of microwave burritos, my new label has launched on its maiden journey into the big world web.

Check it out at:

Slepping on sundays again

Okay from next sunday, you can have your good old fashioned sunday nights back BUT tonight you will get to see Regualr John and Glass Army at the Kings Cross Hotel for the last NO SLEEP SUNDAY ever. Kings X Hotel closes soon so get in now, and dont go there in the middle of the day.
come tonight from 7.