World of Warcraft

I never intended to sell anything on this blog but this i have no other way of selling, really. Last week I won the pc/server game World of Warcraft and 60 days free server access. I have NO USE FOR THIS! so if you have a clue what i am talking about and wish to buy, i have this all sealed up and ready to sell for the measley price of $60. A poor girls gotta make cash somehow.

(please note: ebay is not an option, they dont like me over there.)

Blogger spam

Just got a case of it.


found a great pic on flickr. here


November looks like a film worth waiting for. About a woman who was waiting in her car waiting for her husband outside a corner store when he is killed in a violent robbery. The story apparently follows her as she deals with the aftermath and focuses on her memory. November is a phsycological thriller which the director, Greg Harrison, shot the film on mini-DV in 15 days, with a $150 000 budget. The film won the cinematography award in the Dramatic Competition at last years Sundance film fetival. The site is pretty sweet too.

20 Ways To Say No

20 Ways To Say No (to over working and doing stuff you dont want to do) by Ramona Creel and found at life hacker.

+ I HAVE ANOTHER COMMITMENT - it doesn't matter what the commitment is.
+ I NEED TO LEAVE SOME FREE TIME FOR MYSELF - it's okay to be selfish.
+ NOT RIGHT NOW, BUT I CAN DO IT LATER - if they can't wait for you, they'll find someone else.
+ NO - sometimes it's okay to just say no!