things to look at

This trailer is fabulous. Broken Flowers is directed by Jim Jarmusch and has Bill Murray as a lead - this could be a film sent from heaven.

Bob Carr has quit as NSW premier. He says he enjoyed it!

Daniel Powter has a cute video for his song Bad Day. Lame-ish song but alright vid. If you care about him read about him here.

foxy blogging

my favourite londoner of the moment foxy roxtar is now a blogger! see it here.

Sufjan Stevens

Sufjan Stevens is the most phenomenal musician I have heard of in a long while. While I have been quietly listening to new releases from old favourites (Beck, the Foo etc) all year, today i had my socks totally knocked off by this unknown called Sufjan. But what is even more amazing is that Seven Swans, the album i heard, is his fourth and its not even his latest. Oh and he's a christian.
The rest of my year now looks likely to be filled with rich musical goodness.

London Calling

Well there is no need to tell people what has happened, everyone who has access to a television, phone or the net is aware of what has happened in London in the past few hours. At this stage I don't think there is much sense in speculating on cause, fatalities or casualties like they do so frivolously on the news. But what can be said is that at this time London needs our prayers. Below I have decided to put up an email I have received from my close mate Foxy_Roxtar who moved from Sydney to London in January, just so we can remember that these are people involved not numbers or crowds or 'Londoners' but real people just like your friends.

I am so shaken up.
i didnt get a seat on my usual train this morning and was so annoyed i changed to a different line. that tube line i usually take is the one that they are still pulling people out from underground.
thank you Lord! thank you Lord!!

The Helen Mirren Appreciation Society

Dont ask me how i found this (okay I was googling looking for something else) but yes there is an appreciation society for the actress Helen Mirren. Go figure.

The Helen Mirren Appreciation Society
Dedicated to the celebration of the world's finest actress, the Helen Mirren Appreciation Society (HMAS) was founded in 1997 by the late Peter Wright of Sydney, Australia. Primarily an internet community, the HMAS arranges informal get-togethers and exchanges information and material about Dame Helen Mirren and her work.