Crash the Trailer

So the big summer blockbusters are hitting the US: Batman, War of The Worlds (both with great publicity), Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Fantastic Four, Wedding Crashers and many mnay more. This leads me to my continual hunt for new screensavers and also a good scout around the film sites.

The Charlie and the Chocolate Factory flash site is pretty flippin great, though there is no screensaver yet. There are lots of photos, a really great preloader and desktops etc. Only one of 5 games is active but i love how they tell you that other games are 'coming soon' stops you from thinking its a crap site!

But the greatest thing on any of the sites is the Crash the Trailer part of the Wedding Crashers site. Basically you can put up a picture of yourself or one of your mates and you sync up the face and mouth with a character in the trailer. Here is a trailer with my mate chloe-bell in the part that Isla Fischer plays. When you make one you can send it onto your mates too.

(Note: yep that is THE Isla Fisher who used to be on Home & Away)

rocky in the supermarket

hilarious!! rocky in the supermarket video (thanks mitch!)

graduation day

i wonder who will speak at my graduation???
I am sure this speech by steve jobs would go down a treat.

if you live in sydney...

the 52nd Sydney Film Festival is on!!
i personally cant afford to go to much especially since they dont have student prices.
but i am making a special effort to go see Me And You And Everyone We Know.
Its meant to be fabulous. Its the debut feature from Miranda July and was a hit at Sundance. Can't wait.


okay, the rampage of posts today is in response to a number of emails I have received.
One truly worthy of a mention is from the kooks at a funny mash of Mr and Mrs Smith with the dodgy DSM story. fine gif animations!
Mr and Mr DSM

study over for now!

okay so i has a little break and didnt sit at my computer for 4 days straight. argghhhhhh! i thought the world would cave in. Since I wrote part of my thesis on blogging i felt the need to take a blogging holiday too. but now i am back (from outa space I just walked in to find you here with that look upon your face).
lets get into it.

okay Jacko is a free man! gee thats a great story to know especially with the jurors now saying that they think he did 'something' just they didnt like the evidence given to them! ha! gotta lov the western worlds jsutice systems!

in other news this sneaky thing called "the Downing Street Memo/Minutes' has not been in the news at all.
but all over the blogs! gee i love that.

i love mac's...

but i dont see why this matters

apple to use intel microprocessors beginning 2006

am i just dumb?