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okay, so after my much hyped study smash over the weekend I have emerged with very lttle to show for it and am ver y distressed. Last night i fell asleep full clothed on top of my bed, i dont remember walking from my desk to the bed at all or setting the alarm but alas i slept.
I have decided to reward my sleep depriving efforts with an outing with the boys from work to see star wars tonight. I am of th belief that the 3 hours between 6.30 and 9.30 hold very little promise in terms of getting any uni work done and so therefore I am allowed to go.

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this is rad! graph paper in pdf form, i've always wanted it!
(just kiddin but its cool)

Store Wars

Store Wars
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This is the best remake of star wars of all time. Join Cuke, Chewbroccoli and others on their amazing adventure. See it at

Britney - Reality Bites

Is it wrong to think that a reality series about Britney Spears and her husband Keven "I am a fame whore" Federline would actually be great fun to watch?

according to it will be called 'Chaotic' and isnt so much a reality show as "Britney's Funniest/Sadest/Most Beautiful Home Videos".

One to look out for.

bad video


A few weeks ago my boss sent me an email with a link to this disasterously funny danish video from the 70's. Now i wish i had posted it, cause then i could say i beat Boing Boing to posting about it.