Death Cab VS Arcadia

Had a fight with my flatmate after I found Death Cab For Cutie albums on his itunes that he hasnt told me about! Bastard. Then he proposed that Death Cab were nowhere near as good as his new favourite band Arcade Fire. And i have to say I do like them very much.

Both bands are nominated for the same Grammy - Best Alternative Music Album. Death Cab for Plans and Arcade Fire for Funeral. They are up against Beck with Guero, The White Stripes with Get Behind Me Satan and Franz Ferdinand with You Could Have It So Much Better.

Red Cups

Starbucks have a great site with all the info and fun you could want leadfing up to christmas (well maybe not all the fun you want) but some of it. Called The Red Cup each day there is a new tip or game for people to play. There are travel tips, gift ideas and short videos to watch. All in all its a very nice promo that has got me going back for more. I am addicted to the game on November 16. Cant get past level 3...not sure if there are anymore levels than that!!

Death Cab For Ever

This is what I want for Christmas (amber do you want to get one too and share the shipping??).
Death Cab For Cutie are now in my top 5 band list for the year. Holy Crap I love them so much.

100 of the best

Well to follow suit of Mushroom and Rooster I am going to list the films that I have seen that made it onto the My Favourite Film list.
(Films I have seen are in Gold and some of my favourite films are **)

    1. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
    2. Amelie **
    3. Blade Runner
    4. The Shawshank Redemption
    5. Donnie Darko **
    6. Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope
    7. Pulp Fiction
    8. The Princess Bride
    9. Gone With The Wind
    10. Fight Club

    11. The Sound of Music
    12. To Kill A Mockingbird
    13. 2001: A Space Odyssey
    14. Casablanca **
    15. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind **
    16. American Beauty
    17. Doctor Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb
    18. Monty Python's Life of Brian
    19. Lawrence Of Arabia
    20. Apocalypse Now

    21. Cinema Paradiso
    22. Doctor Zhivago
    23. The Matrix
    24. The Castle
    25. Singin' in the Rain
    26. A Clockwork Orange
    27. The Blues Brothers
    28. Withnail and I
    29. Life is Beautiful
    30. The Godfather

    31. Moulin Rouge
    32. Some Like it Hot
    33. Lost in Translation **
    34. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
    35. Local Hero
    36. The Third Man
    37. Brazil
    38. Serenity
    39. Breakfast at Tiffany's
    40. A Room with a View

    41. The Rocky Horror Picture Show
    42. Dead Poets Society
    43. Harold and Maude
    44. The Big Lebowski
    45. The Wizard of Oz
    46. Out Of Africa
    47. Picnic at Hanging Rock
    48. The Usual Suspects
    49. Cabaret
    50. Forrest Gump

    51. Monty Python and the Holy Grail
    52. The Piano
    53. Pirates of the Carribbean - The Curse of the Black Pearl
    54. Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back
    55. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
    56. The City of Lost Children
    57. The African Queen
    58. Love Actually
    59. Strictly Ballroom
    60. Wings of Desire

    61. Raiders of the Lost Ark
    62. Babette's Feast
    63. The Fifth Element
    64. Spirited Away
    65. Aliens
    66. It's a Wonderful Life
    67. Napoleon Dynamite **
    68. Rear Window
    69. Romeo And Juliet
    70. Dirty Dancing

    71. Kill Bill: Vol. 1
    72. The Good, The Bad and the Ugly
    73. Trainspotting
    74. Muriel's Wedding
    75. When Harry Met Sally **
    76. The Great Escape
    77. Ferris Bueller's Day Off
    78. Gallipoli
    79. Lantana
    80. Garden State

    81. Sin City
    82. Chariots of Fire
    83. The English Patient
    84. This is Spinal Tap
    85. Chocolat
    86. Fargo
    87. Look Both Ways
    88. Goodfellas
    89. Alien
    90. Grease

    91. All About Eve
    92. Citizen Kane
    93. Stand By Me
    94. Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
    95. Mulholland Drive
    96. Back to the Future
    97. High Fidelity **
    98. The Thin Red Line
    99. Being John Malkovich
    100. Dead Man

I am happy to say I have seen 60 of the Top 100. Films I would like to see soon that made it on the list include 2001: A Space Odyssey, Singin' in the Rain, Look Both Ways and Some Like it Hot. I pretty obsessed with films, so you can be assured if a film is on this list and i havent seen it already, I probably wont see it. Thats just the way it goes.


At 10:10 pm tomorrow night (the 7th) Donnie Darko will be on SBS. This film came in at number 5 in the My Favourite Film voting. And if you are one of those unfortunate people who havent seen it, please watch it!


Okay finding a free postcard about Resfest has made my day.

Resfest is an annual global festival of all things great in digital film, music, art design and technology. This year there is a retrospective on Beck's music videos (including Michel Gondry my favourite director of all time, and the amazing team of Shynola).

The postcard says Sydney will be getting the Resfest bug Dec 2 to Dec 6. but the website says Nov 24 to Nov 29 ????
we'll see but either way I'll keep ya posted.


Richard Linklater has a new film coming up next year entitled The Scanner Darkly. The lead is played by Keanu Reeves and also stars Winona Ryder, Woody Harrelson and Robert Downey Jr.
The film utilises interpolated rotoscoping technology that Linklater Developed for the incredible 2001 film Waking Life.
There are some great stills at cia which are worth looking at.

Art sales

Cory Doctorow over at boing boing has a great post about the resale of art in the UK (which he got from Geeklawyer).

Geeklawyer says:

The UK is introducing an artist resale right. For those not familiar with it this is a right whereby if a work of art is subsequently sold, even after the initial sale by the artist, he gets a cut, each and every time the work is sold. It is another, continental style, moral right being blended, awkwardly, into the Common Law traditions of the UK.

It is arguably not in the interests of the UK as it has the biggest art resale market in Europe and one wonders what effect it will ultimately have, will all the sales now move to the US?

It’s said that it will protect the vulnerable young artist from predatory collectors, galleries and patrons. It won’t. It won’t always protect him from abusive patrons, since the right only applies to dealings other than between private individuals. If the collector sells to anyone other than a business, or as an act of business, then he won’t be liable to pay the royalty.
Indeed it might even make the position of the vulnerable artist worse. When negotiating the price the buyer may say that since he will have to pay a resale royalty he must pay a lower initial price as compensation for this extra burden.

At a more basic level I don’t see this as anything to do with fairness: if you’re a young artist then you’re probably much more concerned with establishing your reputation than maximising the sale value, though that is of course also important. Any new artist knows the way the market works with virginal talent: this is not like the exploitation of young musicians with onerous contracts; it’s not going to help at all. If we are talking of fairness and rights then what of the buyers rights? Why should he be burdened with the artists luck? It’s thanks to him, and his forbears, being willing to pay more money for the work that the artist is now in the position to ask for yet more money from him.

What i say:

As a wannabe artist I think that the ongoing resale of works is only healthy to my career. I do not wish to profit from the on-selling as I would have profited anyway in terms of the promotion of my own name, my art etc. I mean if someone is going to make a huge profit by reselling one of my works, surely that means that I am already making a profit off current works that i am selling.

This one step back repayment system does nothing to contribute to the value of art. In a way it devalues it by adding emphasis to the money side. I dont make art for money.

World of Warcraft

I never intended to sell anything on this blog but this i have no other way of selling, really. Last week I won the pc/server game World of Warcraft and 60 days free server access. I have NO USE FOR THIS! so if you have a clue what i am talking about and wish to buy, i have this all sealed up and ready to sell for the measley price of $60. A poor girls gotta make cash somehow.

(please note: ebay is not an option, they dont like me over there.)

Blogger spam

Just got a case of it.


found a great pic on flickr. here


November looks like a film worth waiting for. About a woman who was waiting in her car waiting for her husband outside a corner store when he is killed in a violent robbery. The story apparently follows her as she deals with the aftermath and focuses on her memory. November is a phsycological thriller which the director, Greg Harrison, shot the film on mini-DV in 15 days, with a $150 000 budget. The film won the cinematography award in the Dramatic Competition at last years Sundance film fetival. The site is pretty sweet too.

20 Ways To Say No

20 Ways To Say No (to over working and doing stuff you dont want to do) by Ramona Creel and found at life hacker.

+ I HAVE ANOTHER COMMITMENT - it doesn't matter what the commitment is.
+ I NEED TO LEAVE SOME FREE TIME FOR MYSELF - it's okay to be selfish.
+ NOT RIGHT NOW, BUT I CAN DO IT LATER - if they can't wait for you, they'll find someone else.
+ NO - sometimes it's okay to just say no!

things to look at

This trailer is fabulous. Broken Flowers is directed by Jim Jarmusch and has Bill Murray as a lead - this could be a film sent from heaven.

Bob Carr has quit as NSW premier. He says he enjoyed it!

Daniel Powter has a cute video for his song Bad Day. Lame-ish song but alright vid. If you care about him read about him here.

foxy blogging

my favourite londoner of the moment foxy roxtar is now a blogger! see it here.

Sufjan Stevens

Sufjan Stevens is the most phenomenal musician I have heard of in a long while. While I have been quietly listening to new releases from old favourites (Beck, the Foo etc) all year, today i had my socks totally knocked off by this unknown called Sufjan. But what is even more amazing is that Seven Swans, the album i heard, is his fourth and its not even his latest. Oh and he's a christian.
The rest of my year now looks likely to be filled with rich musical goodness.

London Calling

Well there is no need to tell people what has happened, everyone who has access to a television, phone or the net is aware of what has happened in London in the past few hours. At this stage I don't think there is much sense in speculating on cause, fatalities or casualties like they do so frivolously on the news. But what can be said is that at this time London needs our prayers. Below I have decided to put up an email I have received from my close mate Foxy_Roxtar who moved from Sydney to London in January, just so we can remember that these are people involved not numbers or crowds or 'Londoners' but real people just like your friends.

I am so shaken up.
i didnt get a seat on my usual train this morning and was so annoyed i changed to a different line. that tube line i usually take is the one that they are still pulling people out from underground.
thank you Lord! thank you Lord!!

The Helen Mirren Appreciation Society

Dont ask me how i found this (okay I was googling looking for something else) but yes there is an appreciation society for the actress Helen Mirren. Go figure.

The Helen Mirren Appreciation Society
Dedicated to the celebration of the world's finest actress, the Helen Mirren Appreciation Society (HMAS) was founded in 1997 by the late Peter Wright of Sydney, Australia. Primarily an internet community, the HMAS arranges informal get-togethers and exchanges information and material about Dame Helen Mirren and her work.

Crash the Trailer

So the big summer blockbusters are hitting the US: Batman, War of The Worlds (both with great publicity), Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Fantastic Four, Wedding Crashers and many mnay more. This leads me to my continual hunt for new screensavers and also a good scout around the film sites.

The Charlie and the Chocolate Factory flash site is pretty flippin great, though there is no screensaver yet. There are lots of photos, a really great preloader and desktops etc. Only one of 5 games is active but i love how they tell you that other games are 'coming soon' stops you from thinking its a crap site!

But the greatest thing on any of the sites is the Crash the Trailer part of the Wedding Crashers site. Basically you can put up a picture of yourself or one of your mates and you sync up the face and mouth with a character in the trailer. Here is a trailer with my mate chloe-bell in the part that Isla Fischer plays. When you make one you can send it onto your mates too.

(Note: yep that is THE Isla Fisher who used to be on Home & Away)

rocky in the supermarket

hilarious!! rocky in the supermarket video (thanks mitch!)

graduation day

i wonder who will speak at my graduation???
I am sure this speech by steve jobs would go down a treat.

if you live in sydney...

the 52nd Sydney Film Festival is on!!
i personally cant afford to go to much especially since they dont have student prices.
but i am making a special effort to go see Me And You And Everyone We Know.
Its meant to be fabulous. Its the debut feature from Miranda July and was a hit at Sundance. Can't wait.


okay, the rampage of posts today is in response to a number of emails I have received.
One truly worthy of a mention is from the kooks at a funny mash of Mr and Mrs Smith with the dodgy DSM story. fine gif animations!
Mr and Mr DSM

study over for now!

okay so i has a little break and didnt sit at my computer for 4 days straight. argghhhhhh! i thought the world would cave in. Since I wrote part of my thesis on blogging i felt the need to take a blogging holiday too. but now i am back (from outa space I just walked in to find you here with that look upon your face).
lets get into it.

okay Jacko is a free man! gee thats a great story to know especially with the jurors now saying that they think he did 'something' just they didnt like the evidence given to them! ha! gotta lov the western worlds jsutice systems!

in other news this sneaky thing called "the Downing Street Memo/Minutes' has not been in the news at all.
but all over the blogs! gee i love that.

i love mac's...

but i dont see why this matters

apple to use intel microprocessors beginning 2006

am i just dumb?

all work, no study, little blog

okay, so after my much hyped study smash over the weekend I have emerged with very lttle to show for it and am ver y distressed. Last night i fell asleep full clothed on top of my bed, i dont remember walking from my desk to the bed at all or setting the alarm but alas i slept.
I have decided to reward my sleep depriving efforts with an outing with the boys from work to see star wars tonight. I am of th belief that the 3 hours between 6.30 and 9.30 hold very little promise in terms of getting any uni work done and so therefore I am allowed to go.

via boing boing and others

this is rad! graph paper in pdf form, i've always wanted it!
(just kiddin but its cool)

Store Wars

Store Wars
Originally uploaded by framboise.
This is the best remake of star wars of all time. Join Cuke, Chewbroccoli and others on their amazing adventure. See it at

Britney - Reality Bites

Is it wrong to think that a reality series about Britney Spears and her husband Keven "I am a fame whore" Federline would actually be great fun to watch?

according to it will be called 'Chaotic' and isnt so much a reality show as "Britney's Funniest/Sadest/Most Beautiful Home Videos".

One to look out for.

bad video


A few weeks ago my boss sent me an email with a link to this disasterously funny danish video from the 70's. Now i wish i had posted it, cause then i could say i beat Boing Boing to posting about it.

prince and me

I should tell any readers now, before our relationship develops any further, that


adobe buys macromedia

I am smitten by the thought. Heaven awaits us.
check out the full at the macromedia site.

make trade fair

when i first saw a link to
I read it as 'maket-rade-fair' and went "what?!"

but its an awesome cause with some hot pics of celebs with coffee

- oh my i used the term 'hot pics'.... i have to stop reading the tabloids -


this is my fave

hello to neil

hi neil,
this is my blog.....

today i made a blog

yes i made it in less than 10 min